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We’re not sure there’s anything that makes us feel better than helping people feel better about themselves. That’s what a well fitted outfit can do for a person, and that’s why Hawatmeh Tailor Shop is happy to offer our expert tailoring in Chula Vista, CA. We know that, man or woman, young or old, and regardless of body type, we can help ensure your outfit is adjusted to every dimension of your body. You won’t walk away without feeling perfectly confident and stylishly dressed.

Sometimes you might need something simple done, like your pants hem fixed or your jacket sleeves adjusted. Never fear! We are experienced tailors that are proud to bring friendly service and years of work to every new job. Even the largest jobs are easily accomplished through the help of our industrial sewing machines.

Instead of stressing out about clothes you’ve outgrown or that just don’t seem to fit anymore, get them adjusted through us. Fix your clothes through the help of our family-run tailoring service.

We are happy to help you with almost any kind of alterations, from suits to wedding dresses. If you need help with leather clothing, then we can assist you with that, too. Nothing is impossible for us, and we will work with you to achieve the look you desire. Have any type of old uniform you need adjusted? We can help get them fit for you. Don’t put your treasured clothes in the closet, only to forget about them! We get to work restyling all types of uniforms when you come to us. We bring fast and reliable service to everything we do.

Get those clothes out of the closet and back on your body by grabbing your phone and placing your appointment with us today!

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